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The life boat is now housed in a purpose built shore based unit and is launched by a tractor

It was originally at the southern end of the beach on a narrow, metal pier, at the end of which was the lifeboat station.

The town offers a choice of beaches. The long area of shingle stretching up the east side of the headland from the lifeboat station towards Pagham Harbour Reserve

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Selsey Wildlfe
A Place For People and Wildlife Located to the east of Selsey between Beach and East Beach Roads. Wheelchair and pushchair user friendly paths encircle the pond with seating and picnic tables available. People having a picnic or peacefully sitting,Willows being coppiced by local fishermen for their baskets. The Selsey Model Boat Club launching their boats on a Sunday and Wednesday morning
East Beach Park
Needed Urgently

For the Selsey Shuttle Bus 2 volunteer drivers, for one morning a week you need a full Driving Licence

Call 01243 605353 for details

Gone Now
A Poor Show
Some of christmas lights were switched on but only half were working and it's also a pity some are upside down, they also did not manage to light up the parade this year,or the shops at east beach perhaps the town council should not have sacked the volunteers.
Read the history of the lights
Practise Make Perfect
The town council should be ashamed at the pathetic display this year, the shopkeepers are livid by the excuses they are making for the poor display,and if all else fails they blame it on health and safety. They could not organise a P??? Up in a brewery

We Will Remember

Gone Now
Former Events

Will the Selsey town council bring back the angel of the south this year? no the task of renewing the 1/4 mile of rope lighting will to much for them,

Our christmas lights were the best on the south coast but not anymore.Will there be a carnival this year encircling the whole town as it used to ?

No Donkey Derby? Perhaps the Selsey Town Council should have stopped interfering

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