The life boat is now housed in a purpose built shore based unit and is launched by a tractor.It was originally At the southern end of the beach is a narrow, metal pier, at the end of which is a lifeboat station. The village offers a choice of beaches. The long area of shingle stretching up the east side of the headland from the lifeboat station towards Pagham Harbour Reserve

A Place For People and Wildlife Located to the east of Selsey between Beach and East Beach Roads. Wheelchair and pushchair user friendly paths encircle the pond with seating and picnic tables available. People having a picnic or peacefully sitting,Willows being coppiced by local fishermen for their baskets. The Selsey Model Boat Club launching their boats on a Sunday and Wednesday morning

Will the Selsey council bring back the angel of the south this year or will the task of renewing the 1/4 mile of rope lighting be to much for them, Our christmas lights were the best on the south coast but not anymore

No carnival this year encircling the whole town as it used to ? Perhaps the Selsey council should have stopped interfering


  There was a meeting last week for those interested in meeting for a chat and making things in wood as a hobby. They intend to meet each Tuesday,10am till 4pm also we noticed that all the christmas lights are marked up ready for use but are they?  
Reasons why People Choose to Eat out. People choose to eat out of the home for any number of reasons. Whether they’ve run out of food, are having celebration or just don’t feel up to cooking, as long as there are places to eat out, people will find any excuse to do so.    Enjoy a country house hotel with all the facilities you could wish for, a friendly B&B, a cosy self catering holiday cottage or the warm welcome. Whether you’re looking for a week of fun with the family, a luxury short break away or  holiday to explore our fantastic coast and countryside,our acommodation will surpass your expectations Local independent shops invest more in our communities. Sole traders and independent stores are proportionally more generous in their support for local charities, carnivals, schools and community events.So supporting local shops means a financial return for our community.   Over 1,000 men were wounded or taken prisoner, and the 13th Battalion was all but wiped out. June 30th 1916 was subsequently known as “The Day Sussex Died”. This community remembers the lives of those men of the South Downs Battalions who died, or were reported as missing or wounded on that day.  
The main purposes of Neighbourhood Watch are to promote good citizenship and greater public awareness through Neighbourhood Watch groups, increase public participation in the prevention and detection of crime, reduce the fear of crime, improve police/community liaison and increase public and community safety.

To reduce crime - by improving security, increasing vigilance, creating and maintaining a caring community, and reducing To assist the police ain detecting crime - by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity.




Carried out 4178 Visits, Handled 250,000 phone calls

Processessed 50,744 prescriptions

Processed around 40,000 documents

In the last year